Please maintain 6 feet social distancing while you are in the faciltiy and take a minute to read our policy and procedures at this time.   All visitors must complete the New Waiver to access the Y.  Anyone under the age of 18 years old must have a parent/legal guardian sign the New Waiver before having access to the Y.  We are all in this together and we will continue doing our part to fight COVID-19.


Have your child gain confidence in the pool with our monthly swim lessons. Teaching your child to swim can have significant benefits for both their health and safety! Children who participate in swim lessons are 88% less likely to drown. Swim lessons help children build confidence and social skills, improve motor development, and accelerate cognitive development.  Each skill level builds the preceding level and all classes cover the different strokes and safety skills. Lessons give instructional assistance in the different swimming strokes, safety around water, character development and confidence.  Contact the Y for registration information.

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Gain confidence with every stroke with our one-on-one private swim lessons. Private lessons give you the flexibility to work with our instructor to create a schedule that best fits your needs. Private swim lessons go beyond the group lessons setting and give you the one-on-one interaction with our instructor. These lessons are designed for both swimmers and non swimmers of any age and of any swim ability. We can work to build confidence in the water or to develop stroke technique. You will be able to meet with your instructor before you start your lessons to go over your personal goals and we will set up a plan to help you best meet those goals.


Member Package Pricing

6 Months to 3 years

15 Minute - 1 Session $10.00

15 Minute - 4 Session $35.00

15 Minute - 7 Session $60.00

3 Years and Up

30 Minute - 1 Session $15.00

30 Minute - 4 Session $55.00

30 Minute - 7 Session $90.00

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For more information

Contact Olivia Hewitt 

Aquatics and Sports Manager


Participant Pricing

6 Months to 3 years

15 Minute - 1 Session $15.00

15 Minute - 4 Session $55.00

15 Minute - 7 Session $90.00

3 Years and Up

30 Minute - 1 Session $20.00

30 Minute - 4 Session $75.00 

30 Minute - 7 Session $125.00


Make every lap count this coming Summer with the Switzerland County YMCA Sharks swim team. Swimming is a sport that individuals can excel in personally while still participating in a fun team environment. The Shark swim team is a youth competitive swim team.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn the rules of competitive swimming, build swimming skills, and increase endurance. Practices will be held during the week throughout the seasonwith occasional practice dates on Saturdays.  Please see the schedule below for the May practice schedule.  Pricing for summer swim is to be determined and payment will be due upon receipt of invoice for the season.


In order to be a part of the Sharks swim team participants must be comfortable swimming the full length of the pool.   Swimmers will be responsible for their own goggles, towel, and practice suits.  Team suits will be an additional fee and must be paid before the suits are ordered.  Swimmers are representatives of the Switzerland County YMCA, and must adhere to YMCA policies and practice the 4 core values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Caring. 

Sharks Summer Swim Season Information

- Price TBD

- Switzerland County Coaches Gina, Sam, and Eric practices in May are       M,W,R 3:30-4:30

- South Ripley Coach Stacie will be offering early evening practices TBD

- Meets in June

- Ages 5+

- NO transportation available to the YMCA

- More information contact Olivia at

Shark Swim Team  Registration Form

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May Shark Swim Team Practice Schedule